Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pregnancy Rage and Shining Moments

When I was pregnant for the first time, it didn't take long before I came to terms with the fact that I had no control over my emotions.



Not only was I all of the sudden overcome with uncontrollable fits of crying and the crankies, but my anger took on a life of it's own.  My sisters and I coined the term "pregnancy rage" because really, it's a special anger and it deserves it's own classification. What makes it so "special" is that it builds and builds and intensifies to the point that you totally freak out on someone.  And after doing that, you don't even feel better you just feel angrier.  And it could last for days, months, or even 9 months...actually.

Unfortunately, with my first pregnancy, my younger sister, Becky, was the object of my rage.  It's something we laugh about now, but at the time, if she even looked at me the wrong way - her head was coming off.  This went on for 9 months.  And, of course, my husband and kids get to see my "pregnancy rage" most often, and if there's not a crown for them in heaven...there will be no greater injustice.

So, not only do I have to try to deal with this rage issue, I also have to endure what I call my "shining moments" of pregnancy.  These are otherwise known as my complete public meltdowns.  You know that One Shining Moment song they play after the college basketball championship game every year?  I've often thought they need to start playing that song while showing clips of pregnant women coming unglued in public.

When I was pregnant with Rylie, over Christmas break I had a complete freak out, crying episode over sleeping on an air mattress. This in front of the family, while glaring at Becky, with my husband saying in the background "let's just give Tami what she wants!"  My family loves this story and now whenever I have an idea or opinion they like to say, "let's just give Tami what she wants." And then everyone bursts out laughing.  It's wonderful...these moments.  They don't just last a moment do they??

My excuse: I was sicker than a dang dog.

And again, while pregnant with Austyn, my "shining moment" came at a wonderful time.  During Sunday School class.  Someone asked how I was doing and I started crying and I couldn't stop. In front of 20+ people.  I eventually just left.  Oh, for the love! 

My excuse:  I hadn't slept in days.

Please don't ask me how I'm doing.

I came pretty close to my "one shining moment" with this pregnancy the other day.  But I made it to the car and out of the public eye before I completely lost it, so it technically doesn't count.  I'll let you know when I've achieved it so we can all enjoy the moment together.

I always find calm, collected, warm and cozy pregnancy pictures to be funny, so I had Eric snap a quick one of me today. In my case it's funny anyway because nothing could be farther from the truth. :) 

I know there are more pregnancy rage stories and shining moments out there, so if you have one, you've gotta share. 

If you need some examples I'll tell on my sisters, I'm sure they'll appreciate it....

Ann cried at a restaurant when she realized the waitress forgot to put the croutons on her salad. 

My other sister Amber, had a Christmas tree die before Christmas so she tried to return it to Home Depot and get a replacement.  They kept going from manager to manager trying to decide if they should let her and she got so mad she started crying.  They quickly came to a decision and said, "ma'am pick a tree and pull your car around."


Anonymous said...

Really? I laugh for nine solid months. But don't even ASK about the next 18 months. Egad! My proudest moment? Telling you and your sister and/or friend to never have children as they would RUIN you life.

HA! This is Jamie. For some reason google thinks I'm someone named bsue, so I'm signing anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I've had plenty, I've just chosen to forget! One I remember is when I was pregnant with Landry....I worked in Newton at the hospital and we had to be scheduled for an 'on-call' day, which I HATED (because I always got called in). One day, I was driving in to work and got pulled over by a Goessel cop for speeding. I started crying on him and he quickly told me to 'have a nice day and slow down'. Poor guy! Shane, of course, thought it was brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Mine came with our second daughter Aidyn. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to go to the Grand OPening of Target here in Derby (after having been on semi bed rest for a couple weeks). Since i wasn't supposed to be walking around a lot, we got one of the electric chairs. NOBODY would get out of the way, even when I would politely say "Excuse me"! Made it to the back of the store and finally had enouugh. I got Tyler's attention (who was pushing a cart in front of me with kaylin in it), broke down bawling, and told him I was done and he could take the chair to the front of the store b/c I was walking contractions or no contractions! Biggest public meltdown of my pregnancy history!

Sarah Hutchinson

Anonymous said...

I was pregnant with Ramsey and working at a daycare. I went to get breadsticks from pizza hut on my lunch break and was super excited to eat them. Anyway I walked back into the classroom to eat my lunch and I dropped the box. The breadsticks and sauce went everywhere. I just threw down the rest of my stuff and ran out of the room crying. I wanted those breadsticks!!
This is Jess by the way :)

Sara Major said...

Oh, Tami - i totally relate!! When i was pregnant with Grace - she being my first - I told Bruce I thought I would make a terrible mom. He reassured me things would be fine. I started crying softly, then louder. It turned into shoulder shaking hysterics. Bruce was laughing at me - which made me mad, but for some reason, i started laughing. I laughed so hard I fell off the bed, which made me feel embarrassed so I started crying - again!! Episodes like this were often throughout my pregnancy with all three kids!!!

epmjohnson said...

When I was pregnant the 1st time, I cried my eyes out for a good half hour because Jonas wouldn't order me a pizza. Of course, he had no idea that someone at work had brought pizza for lunch that day, and I had been craving it ever since. By the time I got home for supper, I was pretty much desperate for pizza. When I suggested it, he said we should really save our money because we had already gone out to eat once that week. NOT the answer I wanted! BAM!! Out of nowhere, I started bawling and couldn't stop! Not typically being overly emotional or a crier, not even I knew quite what to do. So we just stood there. I don't think he knew what to say or how to react, but when I seriously wouldn't stop, with wide eyes and apologies, he eventually ordered me a pizza! I felt so stupid crying over pizza, but I couldn't help it. It was the craziest thing! Pizza has never tasted so good as it did that night. We laugh about it like crazy now and refer to it as the "pizza incident." As in,
this isn't gonna be like another pizza incident, is it?" I will say that it was a defining moment though...I'm pregnant with #4 now, and he's never denied me a craving since...blizzards at 10pm, a random pan of tater tots, whatever....anything to avoid another "pizza incident!" :) Esther (Mehlhaff) Johnson

Lora said...

We traveled internationally when I was 14 weeks pregnant in December. On the way back, our flight from Chicago to Wichita was cancelled. The flight attendants told us we were sleeping on the floor of the airport that night. The restaurants at the airport were all closed too. I was in hysterics. We ended up getting a hotel overnight and found food for me. The flight we took back the next morning had to turn around halfway because of engine failure. Yep, back to Chicago. I let everyone on the plane know how offended I was. We finally get in the plane, and they made us sit in the back row. I explained how bad my nausea was and the flight attendant gave me a barf bag and said 'good luck'. Never fly United :)

Nat said...

I can't wait to go out with you guys tomorrow night. And for some entertaining reason, I hope the kid behind the counter forgets to put butter on your popcorn!

Kimberlee said...

I can't think of any.
Not because they didn't happen.
I totally get "pregnancy brain".
It makes me forget everything.
The time when I'm pregnant is a complete fuzz and I feel lost for nine months.
Not kidding.

Amy J said...

HA! HA! HA! Oh, Tami! Thanks for the awesome laugh. Oh, it is all so true and so close to home. Don't you remember how I used to tell you girls that I was a real b*#@!^ when I was pregnant! Oh, the melt downs. Only problem is, I still have them about once a month whenever I'm hormonal. Yeah, that was a lovely gift of post-pregnancy. fun. fun. fun. Jeremy and I have had some of our wickedest fights when I'm pregnant. On that note, I'm so glad we are done! Hang in there. And if I see you next week (we'll be in town all week) I'm so going to ask you how you are doing! Just remember to laugh and not start screaming at me, k? LOVE YA!

Anonymous said...

"Coined the term"? Nah.

First trimester period said...

Really? I laugh for nine solid months. But don't even ASK about the next 18 months.

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