Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy 6th!

Happy 6th Birthday
to my little cheerleader!

I had lots of help making the cake!

We had an all day celebration...
We invited the neighbor girls over to swim, party and decorate cupcakes.
(I know what you're thinking and no, I didn't coach her to hold her cupcakes like that.
It's just a happy bonus.)
Then we had our cousins and grandparents over to party some more.

I love you Ry!

How blessed I am to have you in my life,
even if you do choose cheerleading over sports!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Ever since I had Brianna I feel like my life is spiraling out of control and I can't do a gosh darn thing to stop it.  My brain is complete mush...I've missed or been late to so many things I've lost count.  My house is a constant mess, I rarely get a good hot meal on the table, I don't even know who my friends are anymore it's been so long since I've hung out with them. 

But what I've come to find out is that I don't even necessarily have to be present for my life to be in shambles.  This can all be explained by the following numbers.

It all began with this first number....


The amount of days I was gone camping in South Dakota.


The number of messages waiting for me on my answering machine saying that my dog had been out.


Pretty sure this is how many times my dog had actually been out.


How many fires I had in my landscaping from fireworks while we were gone.

 Goodbye beautiful grass...


The number of times I've thanked (our new) neighbors for calling the fire department and saving our house from being burned down.


Probably close to the times I've thanked God for our house not burning down.


The number of times the police have been to my house in the last week. 


The level of embarrassment I experienced from the last police visit.
 (Our dog was out...again.  He was bringing her back.....again.  We had just gotten home from camping the day before.  I'd spent the previous night puking my guts out so Eric warned the girls NOT to wake their mom up in the morning.  A knock on the door.  A policeman.  "Is your mom there?"  He wanted to know.  Rylie was stuck between a rock and a hard place....should she disobey her father and wake me up? Or obey the police officer?  Well, she chose the police after they assured her it was an emergency.  Then I entered the picture in my pajamas, glasses, frizzy hair, and probably looking to him like I had one-too-many the night before.  He didn't seem too impressed with my mothering skills and informed me to mend my fence.)

The number of times I've wondered what he was thinking.


The amount of times I've wanted to kill my dog.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I'm convinced that one of life's biggest injustices is getting sick when you're a mother of young kids. Sick days are hard to come by for a mom.  Am I right? 

So a couple days ago, after being gone for a week of camping in South Dakota, I tried to scrounge up a healthy lunch for myself with old food in my fridge.  (For the last week I've pretty much had a steady diet of hot dogs, chips and Mt. Dew.  It was good while it lasted.)  What I made for lunch - 2 eggs and a cucumber, tomato, mozzarella salad - I would live to regret over and over that day and into the next.

Food poisoning.

Hit me like a ton a bricks.

I was laying on my deck in misery trying to keep an eye on the kids playing out back when I was forced to get up and sprint to the bathroom.  It's been a long time since I've had one of those "I don't think I'm gonna make it!" moments.  But, this was definitely one of them. 

I apparently disappeared so fast Austyn came in sobbing and said, "Mommy where did you go?  I thought somebody taked you!"

The first sprint was quickly followed by a second, during which Rylie tried to find me.  After she yelled "mom!" all over the house she finally found me with my head buried in the toilet.

"Ewwwww....you're throwing up.  Austyn, mom's throwing up don't come in here!"  Meanwhile she stands there just watching and gagging.  I'm way too messed up to care.

Then she gets impatient with me and says, "Mom, when are you going to be done? I want some juice."  Most likely this was the reason she was trying to find me in the first place.

Up next for Rylie, a lesson in compassion.


Quick text to my husband:

I need backup.

To which he replies:

I'm hurrying.

I want to text back something mean so he knows I'm in dire straits, but the good girl in me wins out.


Then, thank the Lord in Heaven, my mother-in-law calls and offers to take the girls.  Not sure how many times I've thanked the Lord for her over the last couple days.  I mean seriously, what would I do without her? 

And now that I'm feeling a little better....look what awaits me.

Injustice.  Chips and a Mt. Dew please...

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