Friday, July 30, 2010

In the Beginning

So, I decided to start a blog. This is something I've totally been against from the beginning of blogging. Why? I don't know, maybe because....I am frequently annoyed by the social networking craze. Do I really care who just took a nap or baked cookies or whose kid pooped on the pot for the first time? Not really. Maybe I'm just jealous because I find myself wondering when these people find time to do these things.

I guess what made me finally give in is the need to feel like I'm talking to someone who is over the age of 4. Usually during the morning hours when I have some quiet time with the Lord, I hear him teaching and speaking to me. As my cup is running over I feel like talking to someone about it but as it turns out Rylie doesn't understand the difference between the Holy Spirit and Jesus. And besides I would literally rather kill myself than get into a conversation with her that I have to answer a million "why?" questions to no avail. Talking to my husband would be ideal but by the time 9 pm rolls around all we really want to talk about is how glad we are that the kids are in bed.

At first I thought it was a brillant idea to start a blog with a honest look at the sin in my life but when I ran that past Eric all he said was "yeesh". A cross between geez and yikes I think. When prompting him further he said "in this town?".
"Yeah, why?" I said.
"People aren't ready for mom will read it, you know."
"She will be the only one." I say. I continue to explain that (and I'm parapharasing because I'm being very dramatic at this point) I get tired of people being so fakey and politically correct all the time, unwilling to admit sin and call it out in others lives or any kind of life failures for that matter. Sick of it....from the pulpit, from the papers, from the stupid social networking sites. Finally ending with a dramatic "and I am one of these people!" After my ranting I figure out that he's more worried about me embarrassing him. Which I guess is a healthy fear. So, out of respect for my husband I guess I'll just leave it to some sins, what I'm learning from the Word, and random life stuff along the way.
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