Sunday, January 13, 2013

She's Answered (Part 2)

Over 2 years ago I wrote this post (check it out if you haven't read it.)

With tears in my eyes and my heart overflowing, I am more happy than you'll ever know that I get to write Part 2 to this story.


I actually pictured the second half of this story to go way differently.  I had prayed so fervently that Nat would have a baby that I had worked up a scenario in my mind that I was just sure would come true.

We would be having lunch at Pizza Hut. (It had to be Pizza Hut, because we had been "lunching" there since we met in 1997.  In the early days, without fail, every time we ate there Nat would pop a quarter in the jukebox and play "Bump and Grind" by R. Kelly.  We would laugh until we cried.  A part of me died when they remodeled and got rid of that jukebox.)  Anyway, in my scenario, we would be chatting and then Nat would casually say, "hey Tam, guess what....I'm pregnant!!!"  And we would both scream and then cry and create a big scene.  The waitress would come over to see if we were all right...

But, enough of my romanticism...God had a much different idea of how things would go and here's how Part 2 really happened:

About 2 years ago, after many tears and disappointing doctor appointments, Natalie and Jerod felt the Lord calling them toward adoption.  As most all families who have adopted know, this began a wild, stressful, uncertain and many times, discouraging journey for them.  Several months into it, after many setbacks and disappointments, they seemed to really "catch a break." 

A break that was clearly one of Divine intervention. 

Jerod's uncle, who is a doctor, had a special patient one day.  An aging foster care mother, who had a beautiful baby boy whom she loved but felt she wasn't in a place to raise, came into the clinic.  Out of pure "chance" and completely unrelated to why she came to the doctor, she began to chat about her situation.  Jerod's uncle told her Nat and Jerod's story and gave her their information.  

And so began Jerod and Nat's pursuit of little Easton Dean. The situation seemed too good to be true.  Easton's middle name "Dean" was even Natalie's late father's middle name!  They knew this was the little boy God had for them.  The child they had waited 8 years to hold.  But, unfortunately, as with all things that seem too perfect, there were many barriers between them and this precious boy.  The journey was not a smooth one, filled with court appearances, mounds of paperwork and all sorts of legal nonsense. 

The stress of all this really took a toll on Natalie's health and I was genuinely worried for my friend.  I often wondered how much a person can actually take before they get overtaken.  I think Nat was on the brink of insanity, though I would never tell her this of course.  "Let's think positive" is what I would try to say.  (Yes, I know, friends don't get any better than me. I'm never one to come in with a great word of advice, it just eludes me.)

But, what I've been learning a lot about lately is that there are 2 stories in life.  An upper story and a lower story.  What we live out and can only see is the lower story.  Only God can see both the upper and lower stories.  Our pastor explained it well....he said it's like cross stitching. Only God can see what's on top and it looks beautiful and perfectly done.  What we see is the backside or underside of a cross stitch. It looks a little messy at times, but all the while God is orchestrating something beautiful.

And, 8 years in the making, he did orchestrate something beautiful indeed. 

A few days ago, on January 9th, Natalie and Jerod officially became parents to little Easton Dean.  What a glorious, glorious day!

She is Answered.

Isn't he adorable?!!

Not only so, but we rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.
And hope does not disappoint us...
Romans 5:3-5a


CindyW said...

Praise God! What a wonderful story of His faithfulness. I wasn't able to get into the link to read for part I of the story. It may have been intentional, but just thought I would let you know.

Mrs. D said...

Oops, thanks for letting me know I had it connected to the wrong link! Hopefully it works now!

CindyW said...

Oh, I'm glad I was able to see Part I. I remember watching you and Natalie play basketball and thinking that you were sisters.

darnly said...

How good our God is...waiting is so hard but it does draw us so close to God. I loved this and will think often about how God had it all planned out so perfectly.

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